Consumed X Chemistry... Old School American Metal Musician, Currently Writing And Recording His Debut Album "Biomechaniche'". 

Based Out Of Vancouver, WA. Originating in Las Vegas, C.X.C. Is R.H. McClurg:  (Rhythm, Lead, Bass, Singer, Songwriter, Engineer)  

Produced By: Kristina McClurg

Thought provoking metal within a voice of reason, based on the experience, strength, and hope, of Our Amassed Visions.

Keep An Eye Out For More Creative Projects From Artists R.H. & Kristina McClurg, Sculptor, Painter, SFX Artist, Stop-Motion Animator.

Stay Consumed Friends.

Consumed X Chemistry

R. & K.


My name is Rob McClurg and I’ve been an audio and visual artist for over 30 years. I began taking guitar lessons from Mark English of Monstrosity in 1986.  I integrated spoken word into my playing in 1988. In 1990, began audio engineering band rehearsals.  My vocal teaching began, under CJ Szuter of Enuff Z'Nuff and the Szuters. Following that, I became a student of the late great Tim Aymar, an “American Metal Legend”, known for his work with Pharaoh, Angband, and most notably Chuck Schuldiner's final masterpiece, Control Denied.  I continued under the teachings of James Murphy, the guitar & engineering journeyman of Death and Testament.
Post Pandemic, I'm teaching & reinvigorating myself, through the power of music...
Join me, won't you!!!

Consumed X Chemistry is an “Old School American Metal Band”, from an Old School American Artist. Formerly based out of Las Vegas, NV, I am currently writing and recording in The Evergreen State, Washington.